Dear PRH family

Being forced to postpone the festival, we’ve worked so hard for 24/7 since the end of the last edition is not only mentally disturbing, but also financially devastating for an independent organization like ours. It will probably take a few years for us to recover as a part from onsite production, a majority of the festival costs, such as promotion and other pre-production was already done and paid for. All these costs will double in 2021.

We already occupied our minds with ideas of having to extend the festival to 8.000 people, but that would mean moving the stage to an open field and might just ruin the entire experience and family atmosphere we’ve been growing for the past 9 years. We promised not to grow bigger to all devoting fans that supported the festival over the years and we tend to keep that promise even in these terrible times.

Since we received a lot of heartwarming messages and ideas to help us reduce the financial loss the festival has suffered, we decided to rather launch this crowdfunding campaign and compensate the loss as much as we can. We all know that the goal is extremely high as the expenses of the packages are almost 50% of it’s price, but any Euro brings us closer to survive.

We can’t put in words, how much your help means to us and we’ll always be grateful and work even harder to bring a week of pure happiness in your lives.

Thank you

The campaign ended on June 5th 2020. We started printing right after and will start shipping packages end of June.


59.190,00 EUR
Target: 200.000,00 EUR

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